EFT Weight Loss Scripts

July 11, 2012

As many as 98% of people who go on a diet, whatever diet it is, are going to weigh more two years after that diet than they did before they went on it. That is because they’re going into a state of deprivation and fighting against their own energy and emotions. EFT tapping therapy is a superior tool for resolving any negative emotions that people carry. Yet too often this tool is under-utilized because people are confused about what words to say.

Wording Is Individual

EFT weight loss scripts vary as widely as the therapist and the individual using it. But the key suggestion to remember is to consciously identify the thoughts going on inside of your head about your body or food and eating. The easiest thoughts to pick out initially are the ones that surface when negative emotions rise. These thoughts can often feel like a war of words going on inside your head. Emotionally the thoughts create a “Tug-of-war” with positive and negative feelings.

Word War

Some examples are when you are presented with an opportunity to eat dessert or you are in the dressing room trying on new clothes. There’s always an inner voice that’s critical of what
you’re seeing in the mirror or what you are craving to eat.

It could sound like this: “Oh, I love cheesecake! There must be a gazillion calories in that one piece. But I can’t even remember the last time I had cheesecake. Yes, but remember the chocolate truffles you had yesterday? But I’ve been to the gym twice this week. Etc.”

Or the dialogue could go like this “I look so frumpy and fat! But it’s not me, it runs in my family. But it wasn’t that long ago that I was wearing a size smaller than I am now. But that’s because I started a new job and it is stressful to learn new things. When did that muffin top show up? Etc.”

Sample Set-Ups

Simply write down or identify what those exact thoughts are and presto! You have your EFT weight loss script. Always start out with a set-up statement 3 times on the karate chop point. It could be: “Even though I have this overwhelming desire to eat this chocolate, I love and accept and forgive myself” Then tap through a sequence with each thought. It’s also a good idea to alternate the sequences with the positive thoughts. “Even though one piece is not going to make me a bad person, I love and accept myself.”

Here’s another EFT weight loss script example. “Even though I now wear a size XX, I still love and accept myself. “ Alternate that with “Even though real beauty comes from within, I still love and accept myself.”

When talking through any EFT weight loss sequence, continue to use any of the common phrases that come up in your head. Keep the positive ones together and the negative ones together in each round of tapping. As negative emotions arise, address those by name as well, such as, guilt, shame, anger, fear, depressed, etc.

Ongoing Persistence

Be persistent with this process. It can take place over days and weeks of tapping as each new situation arises with its feelings. EFT weight loss tapping doesn’t have to take a lot of time for each incident in order to be effective. EFT tapping therapy is a process. It is a lifestyle that eventually, frees you up to enjoy food without guilt, to be happy in your skin, and to feel empowered to direct your own life. Weight loss simply becomes a natural side effect of the new positive person you become.

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