EFT Tapping Technique “Basic Recipe”

May 18, 2012

eft tapping technique EFT Tapping Technique “Basic Recipe”

In earlier articles I explained the self-talk that one would say when using the EFT tapping technique to improve self-esteem. This article will explain, from the beginning, how to execute a basic round of the eft tapping technique.

EFT Tapping Technique “Basic Recipe”

Here are the steps:

Identify and bring to mind a specific time or negative event that contributed to a feeling of low self-esteem

1. Name the negative feeling
2. Rate that feeling on the SUD scale of 0 through 10 (10 being the worst)
3. Write it down
4. Say “set-up” phrase while tapping on karate chop point of hand, 3 times (“even though…”)
5. Start tapping on the accupoints, beginning at the eyebrow point and moving down the body
6. Speak out loud the sample scripting (“this _negative emotion____”) whole time while tapping
7. Breath deep
8. Re-evaluate the feeling on the SUD scale
9. Repeat, if necessary

It really is a simple process. The goal is to bring the SUD rating down to a 1 or a 0. If there has been no movement, or if there is more movement that needs to be realized, simply repeat the steps. It is possible to add one more technique on the last of the accupoints, the Gamut Point (Accupoint #15).

Gamut Point Process

Sometimes adding the Gamut Point process that I will explain next, can serve as an additional “shake-up” when working with a persistent problem. If you use the Gamut Point process, be sure to follow it with an additional round of tapping down through the body, before re-evaluating the SUD score. Then the entire round looks like more of a “sandwich”. That’s because the two accupoint tappings surround the Gamut Point process in the middle, much like a bun on a sandwich.

Here’s an explanation: while doing the following steps, keep tapping on the Gamut Point which is on top of the hand, mid-way and in the soft spot down from between the pinky and ring finger knuckles. Here’s what you will do while tapping there:

1. Continue to speak as with the other points
2. Keep head facing forward
3. Open eyes
4. Close eyes
5. Open eyes and look down to the left hand corner
6. Look down to the right hand corner
7. Circle eyes around in a circle going one direction
8. Circle eyes around in a circle going the opposite direction
9. Hum a quick line of a simple melody
10. Count out loud from one to five
11. Hum the simple melody notes again

Purpose of Gamut Point

This Gamut Point process has been called the brain balancer. Certain eye movements have been shown to be useful in other healing modalities to allow access to particular memories. The humming and counting steps help activate the right and left brain areas. Theoretically, the right side of the brain is receptive to the humming and tapping while the left side of the brain responds to the counting and tapping.

This article completes the basic explanations for the “how-to” mechanics of this eft tapping therapy. Future articles will detail the finer points of the mechanics. I will also answer questions as well as offer possible daily applications for this powerful healing tool.

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