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May 2, 2012

When people first learn of EFT, it is common to want a map of the various energy acupoints. Online searches for an eft tapping chart are becoming more and more common. Thankfully, many energy practitioners are providing various eft charts free of charge.

The 15 different acupoints used in this technique are not exclusive to EFT. In fact the points listed lie at the end of different energy “meridians” or pathways. These energy meridians are the basis of all Eastern healing modalities, including acupuncture. These energetic pathways are the route energetic messages must travel in order to stimulate the biological functioning of our organs. When these meridians become unbalanced, free-flowing positive energy is blocked and physical illness sets in.

eft tapping chart EFT Tapping Chart

15 Tapping Acupoints on the EFT Tapping Chart

The original EFT tapping points will be listed here along with the name of the meridian, which is usually identified by it’s corresponding physical organ connection. A shortened acronym is listed by each point, for future reference.

1. Eyebrow (EB), Bladder

2. Side of the Eye, (SE), Gall Bladder

3. Under Eye (UE), Stomach

4. Under Nose (UN), Governing Vessel

5. Chin (CH), Central Vessel

6. Collar Bone (CB), Kidney

7. Under Arm (UA), Spleen, Pancreas

8. Below Nipple (BN), Liver

9. Thumb (Th), Lung

10. Index Finger (IF), Large Intestine

11. Middle Finger (MF), Pericardium and Circulation

12. Ring Finger (RF), Triple Burner

13. Baby Finger (BF), Heart

14. Karate Chop (KC), Small Intestine

15. Gamut Point (GP), Triple Burner

Meridian Names

Most of the points are self explanatory. A quick correlation with any eft tapping chart will give the exact acupoint. However, the number 14 and 15 points need some clarification. The karate chop point is the outside edge of either hand, right below the little finger. It’s the fleshy part of the hand where the hand would connect with a piece of wood if a person were completing a karate chop. The last point is called Gamut Point. To find this, take the fingers of one hand and locate a point of the opposite hand that is on top of the hand, between the knuckle of the little finger and the knuckle of the ring finger. Then slide your fingers down from between those knuckles along the indented channel to a point one-third of the way down, still on top of the hand. This is the point for tapping.

The Triple Burner meridian is different from the other points because it is not represented by a physical organ. It’s definition refers to its function. It circulates a type of water-energy throughout the body’s other organs. The Governing Vessel meridian pathway travels from the top of the head, down the back of the head and the spine. The Central Vessel meridian goes from the pubic bone up the front center of the body to the lip.

Optional Points

The above 15 points can be referred to as the “Original Basic EFT recipe” points. However, EFT is a flexible treatment modality and other points have been added by some practitioners with great success. They are: top of the head (TOH), the wrist, and the ankle. I will review these in a future article. They are optional and not mandatory for results.

Which Hand?

There is no set rule about which hand is to tap on the various points. A person could use only a single hand or both hands. It’s important to tap on the points in order, however, from the top of the body, downward. Also note that a full treatment of EFT tapping requires more than just tapping acupoints. There are certain scripts to repeat verbally, while tapping. The purpose of this article is just to review the basic points. The sequence is simple to memorize since it follows a logical path down the body. Future postings will explain the rest of the process.

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