EFT for Self Esteem

May 15, 2012

eft for self esteem EFT for Self Esteem

Since EFT tapping is a marriage of acupressure and psychology, it is performed with two basic parts: tapping and talking. In order to incorporate the psychology aspect of this EFT tapping technique, it’s necessary to engage in a verbal script to re-program the sub-conscious. I explained the simplest basic script in the previous post. In this post I will continue to elaborate on the scripting.

I will continue with the example issue used earlier: confidence or self-esteem. The premise would be that someone wants to eliminate low self-esteem or low confidence and replace it with confidence or self esteem. So their goal is to use EFT for confidence or EFT for self esteem. Realize that EFT is a very flexible therapeutic technique. Scripting can be different depending upon the practitioner and the situation. Although practitioners follow the basic wording included in the previous post, it is all right to elaborate or “ad lib” as the situation may require. That’s why the different demonstrations for EFT tapping that can be viewed on youtube, will each be slightly different. Energy work is based on science and expanded upon through intuition.

SUD Rating

Before we even get to the first “set-up” phrase of the script, it is important for a person to bring up the most current or most negatively charged circumstance where they lacked confidence or self-esteem. Then the individual is asked to, or they can do it for themselves, rate their level of discomfort with that situation and feeling. The scale they are to use is between a 0 and a 10, with 10 being the highest. It helps to get a piece of paper and draw that scale on a horizontal line with 0 at one end and 10 at the other. Then write down the rated number of discomfort and mark it on that scale and circle it. At this point, it’s important to pick a word or phrase for the negative feeling. This measurement is called the SUD, or “subjective unit or understanding of distress.”

Sample EFT Verbal Scripts

Let’s say for example that a person feels the greatest lack of confidence when they are doing their math homework. So their script might go something like this. “Even though I feel stupid and inadequate when doing math, I love and accept myself (3 times).” Then, of course, they start to tap and say something like this: “this inadequate (or stupid) feeling, this inadequacy, this inadequacy.” An expanded script could be: “this stupid feeling when I look at the math problem, I’m not any good, I feel stupid, I don’t know how to do this, I feel inadequate and incapable, I feel incapable in lots of things, this math really shows how inadequate I am, this inadequacy, this stupid feeling when I try to make sense of math, I want to just throw my pencil across the room, why try? I’m incapable and stupid…”

Half-way through the tapping round, the verbiage can be changed towards a positive feeling change. Remember to always keep tapping on the points while going through the words. Here is a possible example of a shift in the script towards the positive. “Other people have been able to figure this out, they aren’t any smarter than me, maybe I could get it if I had someone work with me, maybe I could get a tutor, I have been able to learn other hard things, maybe I can do this, I can do the history assignments just fine so I know I’m not entirely stupid, it just might take me a little longer, I don’t have to feel stupid or incapable, maybe I can do this…” It doesn’t hurt to throw in another “I love and accept myself” here and there.

Re-evaluate SUD

The round can take as long or as short as you like. In fact there are additional “short-cut” rounds that I will discuss in other postings. The goal is to have a lowered SUD rating. At the end of a round, it is important to re-evaluate the SUD number, to note an energy shift. Usually it will be a lower number. Be sure to take the time to write the new lower number on the SUD scale on the paper. Draw an arrow going towards the “0” as each new rating is written. The goal is to get the negative feeling down to a “0”.

This has been an example of using EFT tapping therapy for self-esteem or EFT for confidence. I will explain in the next post how to go through one full round of EFT tapping.

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